Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Days for Applications


There's less than one week left to submit applications for our JP Crew program!

So if you're saying, "What's the JP Crew program," let me share just a few of the many benefits:

1. It's a program designed to promote Jividen Photography AND reward motivated and outgoing Juniors in the area for partnering with us!

2. Select Juniors "work" as models--both guys and girls--in "modeling sessions." No experience required. We are simply looking for photogenic, outgoing, fun-loving Juniors who like having their picture taken. That's it!

3. These Juniors receive a FREE modeling session using their own clothes (and props if they want) during their junior year--usually in the early spring. We use great locations and backdrops, along with new props and ideas from our studio staff, to create the hottest new and trendy looks in Senior pictures. While these kids are not yet Seniors, they will represent the Class of 2012 in our studio's marketing materials and advertising!

4. These Juniors will also get generous discounts when it's time to place their own Senior picture order, AND get "free stuff" as other students book sessions for their Senior pics. The JP Crew program is designed to enable its Crew members to get all their Senior pictures FREE if they are successful in recruiting other students. (Crew members can even ask their parents to help pass out $50 Gift Cards to other parents, who may be booking a Senior Session for their own kids. Both the friend and the Crew member get $50 worth of benefits!)

5. Crew members are also competing for a FREE iPad! The Crew member with the most referrals who book a Senior Session will WIN the iPad! And considering that the program only hires a select group of students, the odds are pretty good!

6. The JP Crew program is a "real job" in terms of being able to list it on a resume! As we said, the "work" is easy, but the rewards are fantastic!

The cut-off is February 28, so act quickly if you OR a Junior you know is interested. We are starting to conduct interviews now.

You can fill out our online application or call to have one emailed to you. Call (740) 774-6243 for more information or to get an application before the 28th!

Thanks to all our friends and supporters for helping our JP Crew program to be one of the most successful modeling opportunities in Ohio!

Barb J.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Only 10 Days Left

Tomorrow starts our last big push for applications for the Class of 2012 "JP Crew"--only 10 days left!

The JP Crew is a select group of guys and girls from area high schools who want an opportunity to work as models for Jividen Photography in exchange for free sessions, free photos, cash, discounts on senior pics, and a chance to win a FREE iPad!

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the JP Crew, contact us between now and February 28.

Applicants should be: fun, outgoing, photogenic, and LOVE to have their picture taken. Must be in the Class of 2012.

Applicants may call (740) 774-6243 or fill out the online application. Paste the following link into your Browser to be redirected or visit our website to find the link on the Home Page.


Pass it on!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MODEL SEARCH for "Jividen Crew Members"

Hi friends!

I wanted to seek your help in finding high school juniors (Class of 2012) who would be interested in modeling for our studio, Jividen Photography. The incentives are GREAT!!! We give our models: free sessions, prizes, big discounts for friends, and huge savings on next year's senior pics! There are also opportunities for modeling jobs for cash, in addition to all the other fantastic perks!

We are looking for both guys and girls in ANY area high school in the following counties:


Applicants must be photogenic, personable, and like having their picture taken. Students must also have permission from their parents or guardian(s).

We plan to cut off accepting applications by Feb. 28, so act quickly. We will make our decisions soon.

If you have questions, feel free to call me at (740) 774-6243.


Barb J.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Applications Being Accepted for Class of 2012

Hi! I just wanted to remind all the juniors out there that we are now accepting applications for girls and guys to be photographed for our upcoming marketing materials. Yep, it's like a "modeling job," and it's super easy and fun!!!

Our application is online (on our website), or you can click it from here:

Being in our "JP Crew Program" is a great way to earn free sessions and discounts for your senior pics next school year.

We'll be making final selections soon, and will be cutting off application submissions by the end of the month. So get yours in early...or tell your Junior friends.

If you want more info, call us 740-774-6243.