Saturday, March 28, 2009

Totally RANDOM

We're getting ready to start a totally cool sale at Jividen Photography.  It's like NONE other!  We call it, "The Random Sale!"  Here's how it works...

Starting on April 1st, we are selecting one letter of the alphabet each day as the day's "LUCKY LETTER."  If your last name begins with that letter, and if you are the FIRST person to call the studio that day and book an upcoming Session, you will receive a $50 photo credit!

Since it's new, here's a hint...  On Wednesday, April 1, the first caller whose last name begins with the letter, "A," will win the $50.

Only one winner per day.  Winners must verify their last name.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Am I


Hey, a friend of mine just sent me a link to a great YouTube video.  The song is by Casting Crowns.  The "performance," which is VERY neat, is no more than hands (wearing white gloves).  The hands appear to be floating as the real performers are lit by a black light in otherwise total darkness.  

The choreography is pretty sweet.  You can watch the "dance" at this link:  Who Am I


Barb J.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nick & Lynsi's Video

Here's another video from a recent session.  Looks like everyone loves the videos!

We've actually been creating videos like this for about a year.  If you want one, just call the studio to schedule a Session and let us know that you'd like one.  We create them for families as well.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Aaron's Video

Check out Aaron's video from his Senior Session at the studio and in some of our Open Aire sessions.  Aaron's a senior at Notre Dame HS in Portsmouth.

You can find other videos on my Facebook page, too!



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watch for this post card (It's worth $25 cash!)

If you're a 2010 senior, or in the home of a 2010 senior, watch for this post card.  Seniors of the class of 2010 who book between April 1 and May 31 will receive $25 cash when they bring in this post card.  The first 10 who schedule sessions will also receive a $25 gas card!

Don't ya just love freebies!

Barb J.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Senior Specials in March & April

Hi 2010 Seniors (and parents of 2010 Seniors)! 

The coming months look to be SUPER busy around here, so we are encouraging students to book their appointments now--especially for those valued after-school-hours sessions. We are only taking one evening appointment per day this month.  So call now if you want one.

And if saving money is important, too, ask about what we can give you if you book your session for the months of March and April.

Just call me at the studio at (740) 774-6243 for more info.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Just wanted to let you all know that you can now find me now on Facebook.  My profile, my picture, and, of course, lots of updates and news on my Wall.  I've also started a new "group" on Facebook.  It's the Jividen Senior Photography Group.  Anyone can join, and I hope you do.

I plan to run some Facebook-only specials there, and post photos for our Seniors to use in the Profiles.

If you're on Facebook, look me up!  Join the group.  Keep in touch!

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scheduling Senior Pictures

We frequently get asked about when students should schedule their "Senior Pictures."  Well, though it seems funny, sessions normally begin in the last few months of their Junior year. This is especially true of Senior Models.

Although we are still accepting applications and doing interviews of juniors who want to be our Senior Models (representing next school year), we are are now scheduling photo sessions for the class of 2010 Seniors.

If you get photographed early, you can receive session discounts and other cool incentives from our studio.  (Yes, we are offering discounts and freebies!)

Just call us at the studio for more information or to set up an appointment.  Meanwhile, here are a few samples from two of our 2009 seniors.  

Call me if you have any questions.