Friday, May 30, 2008

Model Search

I'm not going to post this anywhere else, as I am afraid that it will open the flood gates for more calls than we can handle.  BUT, here goes...

Jividen Photography will be conducting a Model Search for the studio to showcase its new backdrops and sessions.

We will only be able to accept about ten models in all, so we will be doing interviews to select the candidates with the most vibrant personalities and radiant smiles.  We are looking for outgoing, personable guys and gals who will be 2009 graduating seniors next school year.  We'll supply the backdrops with access to our Studio, the Studio Annex, the Bomb Shelter, and Open-Aire Sessions from our "Preferred Location List."

To apply, please call the studio at 740-774-6243.  You will be asked a few short (non-personal) questions about your likes/dislikes, hobbies, sports interests, and school.  If you are selected from the questionnaires, you'll be invited into the studio for a brief interview.  Those in the top ten will then be scheduled for a free photo session, and will receive discounts on anything they may wish to purchase in exchange for agreement to use their image(s) in our studio promotions.

We'll probably cut off applications by the end of June, so call today.

Barb J.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grads & Dads

May and June keep our calendar full with family photo sessions just in time for Mothers Day and Fathers Day, and area graduations.  But even though we're busy, I just wanted to remind you to that it's not too late to schedule a time for your family pictures, too.

I am extremely blessed that both my parents are alive and well, but I must admit that I have been a bit lax about having my own family picture made.  Although I photographed my parents in the studio last year, their professional portrait before that was almost ten years ago (in my old studio)!  Ridiculous, I know.  But if you think that's bad, I think that it's been about five years ago when we last took a professional portrait with both our girls, and our grandson all in the same photo!  (Oh, the guilt and shame!)

Geesh, I should be the first one to book an appointment!  But your turn is next!  So call me and mention this blog and I'll take 50% off the price of your family photo session!

Barb J.