Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grads & Dads

May and June keep our calendar full with family photo sessions just in time for Mothers Day and Fathers Day, and area graduations.  But even though we're busy, I just wanted to remind you to that it's not too late to schedule a time for your family pictures, too.

I am extremely blessed that both my parents are alive and well, but I must admit that I have been a bit lax about having my own family picture made.  Although I photographed my parents in the studio last year, their professional portrait before that was almost ten years ago (in my old studio)!  Ridiculous, I know.  But if you think that's bad, I think that it's been about five years ago when we last took a professional portrait with both our girls, and our grandson all in the same photo!  (Oh, the guilt and shame!)

Geesh, I should be the first one to book an appointment!  But your turn is next!  So call me and mention this blog and I'll take 50% off the price of your family photo session!

Barb J.

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