Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa never forgets...

When Santa stopped by our studio to discuss his picture project with us (to be at LeGourmet Chef on 12/21), he wanted to pay a special visit to our studio manager, Michele (though he called her "Shelly").

He said that Shelly's home was one of his favorites to visit when she was a little girl.  He said that she always "believed," and she always greeted him with warm hugs every time she got to see him and tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

It was like turning the clock back when Santa said, "HO, HO, HO!!!"  "Shelly's" face lit up with a big smile, and she again greeted Santa with a big hug and a smile!  

It was fun to be there and watch the special "reunion."  But I think you can trace back Michele's genealogy and learn that she is actually related to Santa!  No wonder kids love Michele when they visit our studio!  She has the same warm, caring and generous heart!  She is a joy to be around!

Merry Christmas!


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