Friday, June 27, 2008


Here's a photo of Alex, one of our photographers and Master Digital Technicians in the studio.  I introduced you to Lydia a few days ago, so as promised, I'm moving on to introduce you to the rest of our staff. 

We met Alex as an aspiring photographer at the early age of 13 or so.  He began taking photo workshops almost immediately, and has gone on to great accomplishments in his photography, winning national photography scholarships and awards.  (Way to go, Alex!)  His work is published in local, state, national and international publications.  Alex also worked for Over the Back Fence Magazine last summer as a staff intern photographer, and his images are regularly published by the magazine.

Alex is studying photojournalism at Ohio University (when not at the studio), and will be living in Scotland for five weeks this summer as he continues advanced training.  So in just a few weeks, Alex will be packing his bags and heading abroad.

We hope to have intermittent reports (and photos) from Alex this summer.  So we'll keep you updated, or you can check out his blog at

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Alex Snyder said...

He's my favorite!!!